Hello fren! I am happy you made it here. Can you hear that sound? No, it’s not your washing machine, it’s your very personal mixtape with 10 of your favourite songs. Treated and mixed with a lot of fabric softener. Become the first owner of one of the NFTs in this collection and you will be blessed with a very speciall utility. Unlock the content and get instructions on how to 🎵 receive an one hour mixtape including your favorite songs…. 🎵
This collection is limited to only 1 item.

About the artwork: Be the first to get this unique piece of art that was originally created back in 2018. It symbolises my very early steps of music production and represents the cultural freedom we all desire and deserve. By owning this piece of art, you will be supporting me for eternity and I will be grateful forever.

Credits: The original hand-drawn illustration has been created by the artist AGUA VIVA
Collection on Opensea:
Legal disclaimer: The mixtape you will receive, is for personal & private use only!